I.C.N. is a leader in the MJM & MMJ Design field. We provide Architectural and Engineering Services for the MJM & MMJ industry for, but not limited to, MJM Grow operations (custom indoor grow facilities and greenhouses), MJM Extraction facilities (MIP kitchens), MJM infusion/extraction facilities (edibles, candies, lotions etc.) and MJM Retail Stores/Dispensaries.

We also assist you throughout the entire process of Building Department submittal drawings for Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, ADA Compliance, Fire Sprinkler, Security, Site and Parking Design and Code Review for MJM & MMJ Occupancy classifications.

We can help you bring (New, Existing or Tenant Finish) up to current county code for MJM & MMJ compliance. Whether you need us to field survey/as-built existing buildings and tenant spaces or create new building design drawings, we will provide what is neccasary for you to submit to the County and City Building Departments in order for you to recieve your C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) to run your OWN MJM & MMJ buisness in the state of Colorado!!!